Great Fishing Basics (Fresh Water) aka Drowning Worms 101

Fishing Basics consists of a Power Point presentation and a Instructor’s Guide to teach fresh water fishing. 

It is appropriate for Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts. 

This is hands on, group participation program which takes from an hour to an hour and a half to present.

The program is designed to give a student who has never fished the skills and knowledge, both practical and ethical, to go to a pond  and be immediately successful. 

It is expected that the instructor will schedule a follow up fishing trip to a pond to allow the Scouts to apply what they have learned.

The Instructor’s Guide gives the leader a road map to present the course.

A materials list is included at the end of the Instructor’s Guide

Cub Scout- Fishing Program

A Bear Goes Fishing Bitmoji Presentation

The Ultimate Guide for Fishing for Scouts

For additional information, click here: Boys' Life Magazine FISHING 

Bear -Goes Fishing Handout with Requirements(1) (1).pdf

Bear Elective Adventure – A Bear Goes Fishing:


1. Discover and learn about three types of fishes in your area. Draw a color picture of each fish, record what each one likes to eat, and describe what sort of habitat each likes.

Click here for a few free coloring books.

2. Learn about your local fishing regulations with your leader or a parent or guardian. List three of the regulations you learn about and one reason each regulation exists.

3. Learn about fishing equipment, and make a simple fishing pole. Practice casting at a target.

4. Go on a fishing adventure, and spend a minimum of one hour trying to catch a fish. Put into practice the things you have learned about fish and fishing equipment.

Places to Go Boating and Fishing:

The Places to Boat and Fish Map from Take Me Fishing™ can help you find places to boat and fish in your state, and what you might catch when you get there. This map and the website  will help your unit and members know how and where to obtain licenses in your state if needed, and what amenities surround your selected body of water.

Cub Scout Fishing Modules

Cub Scout Fishing Modules

Module 1: Organizing an Outing 

Module 2: Den and Pack Opportunities 

Module 3: Where to Get Help 

Module 4: Day Camp Fishing 

Module 5: Selecting Proper Equipment 

Module 6: Cub Scout Angler Education 

Module 7: Fish Games 

Click here to see Cub Scout Anglers in Action!

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