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12-Nov-2015 7:58 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

This past September I had the opportunity to serve alongside, Ben Jelsema, Bill Pepito, Fred Hodge, and Jim Byrd.  Together we were the selected staff for the CAI Training Course to be held at Philmont Training Center, located in the Philmont Scout Ranch. 

We met some great Scouters and together had a wonderful CAI course and Scouting experience.  For me, a couple of highlights of the course happened at the very beginning.  During our first session, Bill Pepito asked the attendees the following question.  “What is your purpose in taking the course?”

Nearly all the answers given by the participants, were focused on improvement of the Scouting Outdoor Program Offerings, and of course focused on Fishing.  

Most of the participants were avid fisherman, and most realized before attending the course that improvements needed to be made in the following areas.   

  • Building Awareness of the Fishing Program and its benefits to the Scout, and Scouting Program. 
  • Providing meaningful angler education, addressing the needs at each level of Scouting, focusing on the age and skill levels 
  • Improvement of the fishing equipment available to the Scouts
  • Improvement of Council Fisheries
  • Seeking for ways to add / improve the fishing programs back home, be it the unit, district, and council level.

I though I should share a letter received from Stanley Wright, a graduate of that course.  This letter was written less than 30 days post our training event.  I wanted to share, because it inspired me to FISH ON!  I hope that it will do the same for you.

October 14, 2015

Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to.
My first Fishing/Fly Fishing MB class coming up this weekend...  7 or 8 boys so far.

Let's see if I got everything...

Back Yard Bass kit
8 Zebco rod and reel kits
8 telescoping poles
1 spinning rod
1 bait casting rod
4 fly rods
2 rod caddies
4 fly tying kits
12 "fly making" stuff in zip-loc bags
12 knot tying kits
Assorted flys and lures
Hook removal kit.
"Patch covered" fly vest
CAI Business Cards
I know I'm forgetting something.....  LOL

Aloha Council public relations lady wants a story, with pictures, of the MB class for the web site.

Got a call from the Hawaii Fishing News... (our local fishing magazine)  my story on Philmont Training Center and the Complete Angler will run in the Nov. issue.

Attended 2 district Round Tables and one quarterly district meeting to promote Complete Angler program.

I have a booth at the University of Scouting to promote the Complete Angler Program, and I'm co-teaching the Philmont High Adventure and Philmont Training Center class.  Got my Shutterfly Book.

I'm doing Back Yard Bass at the WEBELOS Overnighter in Nov.

I'm doing Fishing MB at the LDS Merit Badge College in Jan.

I can see why we need to train some more people to help...


Philmont 3 col (1).pdf

Philmont Cover.jpg

Needless to say I was floored.  We shared a vision, we inspired action and Stanley DaredtoDo!, and he has caught fire.

After reading this letter, I hope that you have felt a fresh breeze blow through your fire, no matter what stage of inner fire you may have today.   

Hopefully the fire will glow a little brighter, and perhaps encourage you to catch fire, and #Daretodo! 

Wishing you all tight lines and Fish On!

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