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BSA Complete Angler and Certified Angling Instructor

15-Nov-2015 8:21 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)
We need your help in building awareness of the BSA Complete Angler Award, and the BSA Certified Angling Instructor Program.  We encourage you to look for more opportunities to promote these exciting BSA programs and benefits.

First, you may want to consider sharing this article from Bryan on Scouting with your Scouting Contacts.


Secondly, you may want to consider building a "Science Fair Display Board"  and fill it with information on the BSA Fishing Program including:

  • Cub Scout Fishing Program, " A Bear goes Fishing"
  • Boy Scout Fishing and Fly Fishing Program, "Catch Me if you Can"
  • Angling Merit Badge Program, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Fish and Wildlife Management 

These Display Boards can be shared at

  • District Roundtables (including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing), 
  • OA Lodge Fellowship Events, 
  • University of Scouting Training Events  

Once you have gotten your line in the water, lets hook them, and reel them in!

Wishing us all tight lines and FISH ON! 

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