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Nobody knows about us challenge.

05-Dec-2015 11:03 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

The Central Region Area #7 Fishing Lead - Dennis Festerling  and I were wondering what materials you use when presenting the  CAI / BSA Fishing program at a your round table events.

Dennis and I agree that, if we put some quality material together it would be easy to encourage CAI's to speak at Round Tables.

1.  Simple 5 minute stand-up (more intro and where to get more info)

2.  More extensive 10-15 minute talk (intro + specifics of CAI / Complete Angler)

3.  A talk and possible activity. (All the above + an activity)

If you have such materials please forward to  Dennis Festerling for review and evaluation,. 

We will take all the great ideas submitted, and some ingredients, compile, and develop outstanding marketing materials.

We intend on providing this tool for all of us to use as we address the "Nobody knows about us challenge" .  If you would like to assist   Dennis Festerling on this project, please let him know.

Thanks again for all that you do for the Scouts who are depending on us.


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