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February Roundtable Discussion Topic - Program Features - Spread the Word!

30-Jan-2016 7:40 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

We continue to travel down the Scouting Trail, and February Roundtables are just around the corner.  

But before we plan for those, let’s review our last month Roundtable presentation.  I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on your January Roundtable presentation.  For example, how effective was your presentation.  How successful were you in achieving your mission;

  • building awareness of the benefits of a high quality fishing program, and its impact on Scout recruitment and retention.
  • building awareness of the detriments of low quality fishing programs, and its impact on Scout recruitment and retention.
  • providing guidance and support in the development of Scouters who have an interest in providing quality fishing programs.
  • providing guidance and support to quality fishing programs addressing the needs of all Scouts in the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing program.
  • providing guidance and support to quality fishing programs offered at the Unit, District, Council, and Region level.

During that reflection time, please do not forget to think about the legacy of your actions this past month. You made a difference.  Thanks for sharing of your time!

Now, let’s build on those actions.  Let’s identify the items you should “Start”, “Stop” and “Continue” your efforts as a BSA Certified Angling Instructor.

First, Let’s ask ourselves the following question.  Why Fishing? I encourage you to ask this question to a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, and Trained Leader.

Boy's Life Magazine did, and this is what they found.

Fishing is very popular with Scouts!          

  • Fishing placed 4th (behind camping, swimming and bicycling), at 61%, as one of the most popular Scouting activities
  • 83% of Boy’s Life subscribers like to fish
  • 77% began fishing because of an older family member
  • 71% of Cub Scouts are interested in earning a fishing belt loop
  • 51% continue to encourage friends and family to fish
  • 35% go fishing with their Scout Unit –  Providing us an opportunity to expand this program!

Second,Spring is just around the corner.  We need to get the Scouts out and experience Fishing, Fly Fishing, and the great outdoors.  To do this, our Units PLC should be developing plans for the coming months.  Here is where you can help.

BSA Introduced the New Program Features Volume 2, a guide to Program Planning.  This publication provides a launching point for you and youth members to plan exciting programs that will keep members coming back, facilitate advancement and personal growth, and help you achieve Scouting’s mission.

The Goal of Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crew is to make that planning a little easier for all.  Each program feature in the publication provides a month’s worth of program ideas for Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams and Venturing Crews.

 Content includes: General information about the topic

  • Related Advancement Requirements and Awards
  • Games related to the topic (or that are just for fun)
  • Ideas for using the EDGE method (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable) to teach topics
  • Four weeks’ worth of meeting plans
  • Outlines of three main events (outings) that build in a length and intensity
  • Print and online resources related to the topic, including a list of related program features.
  • As an example, Volume #2 Includes these 2 modules :
  • Module #21 -Fishing - Catch Me If You Can
  • Module #22 - Wildlife Management - Balancing the Needs of Wildlife and People

We highly encourage our BSA Certified Angling Instructors to review the Modules contained within this publication #33111 which can be obtained at your local Scout Shop for $14.99.

Please build awareness of these Planning Guides, the BSA Complete Angler Award, and of upcoming BSA Training opportunities such as the BSA Certified Angling Instructor in your Area. 

Help us spread the word!


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