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CAI Training Course - Staff Opportunties

05-Feb-2016 11:07 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

If you have not had the opportunity to review our CAI Staff Opportunities , I encourage you to do so today!  You can access the listing by clicking  CAI Staff Opportunities .


When you access CAI Staff Opportunities  , this represents the CAI Training Course Offering as we know it that day!  


This communication tool provides you quick reference for CAI Course offerings and information you may need to build awareness of upcoming CAI Training Courses in your area. You have the latest and most current information that is available.

Additionally, this tool provides a efficient mechanism to communicate to us your desire to serve as staff on CAI Training Courses. To register your interest in serving as Staff on a upcoming CAI Course, please register your interest by registering for the individual event as listed. 


This is very simple to do!  Find the event that interest you, click on it, Hit the Register button and follow the prompts.  It is just that easy.


You will notice that the fee for this type of Staff Registration is free.  By registering on this site, you are registering your interest in Staffing the CAI Course. 


If you are selected to serve as staff on a CAI Course, you will be contacted by event lead.  Individual Course Staff Registration Costs will be announced and payment instructions given.


Any questions regarding a CAI Staff Opportunities should be directed to either your Area Lead  or Regional Fishing Chairman.  These folks are listed and can be found by following the links listed below. 

Regional Fishing Chairman

Central Region-Area Leads-Fishing

Northeast Region-Area Leads-Fishing

Southern Region-Area Leads-Fishing


If you discover that you have no Area Lead in your specific Region, that means the position is currently UNFILLED.  I encourage you to consider if this is an opportunity for service may be right for you!  Please review the job duties.  To register your interest in service as a Area Fishing Lead please contact your Regional Fishing Chairman today!


In closing, using your gifts and talents as a BSA Certified Angling Instructor, will provide a legacy to the Scouting Program.  Start building your legacy today!



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