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Status Update TFO Rod Kit Orders and Deliveries

27-May-2016 10:46 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

Our friends at TFO asked that I provide to you an update regarding the success and challenges experienced with the Temple Fork Outfitters Scout Series Instructor Kit orders and deliveries.  

TFO team has been doing their very best to keep up with demand. The response from CAIs to this offer has been quite positive.  In fact, it was so positive, CAIs orders outstripped the available inventory.  TFO has increased its production in an effort to catch up with CAI demand. TFO received 25 kits in May.  TFO is expecting 50 Kits in June, and 25 Kits in July.  

Point of interest, several Scout camps, including Philmont Scout Ranch, and others requested rods kits for 2016 summer camp operations.  These high volume camp orders required higher priority than individual orders due to quantity of Scouts benefiting from the equipment.  As such Camps were shipped ahead of individual CAI orders.  We apologize for the delays, but we hope that you understand. 

Regarding the actual equipment, CAI reviews are quite positive, rods have found to be perfect for anglers of all skill levels, provide smooth casting and and are very easy to load. The NXT LA reel has been found to be an excellent choice, especially the adjustable disc drag and easy right/left had conversion.  

TFO has indicated that as rod kits are received from the manufacturer, they will continue to fill individual orders on a First In First Out basis.  That means that orders placed in March will be shipped ahead of orders placed in April.  

On a similar note, several CAI preferred pricing items are shipped by our National Fishing Chairman Ben Jelsema.  You may not know that Ben is a volunteer and a one man operation. He and I both wanted you to know that his availability to ship orders will be restricted over the next 6 weeks due to CAI and family events.  

In both cases, your patience is most appreciated and always remember a Scout is Courteous!

Wishing you all the very best this holiday week-end, may you have tight lines and FISH ON!

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