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Prevent Monofilament from becoming the Next Invasive

18-Jul-2016 10:13 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

Several years ago I was working with some folks associated with Missouri Clean Stream. They provided me the materials necessary to build a half a dozen of these PVC fishing line collection tubes that I placed at S-F Scout Ranch and the Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation here in Missouri.

This past weekend, I discovered another CAI - Michael Scherer working on a similar projects in Texas.  We both agree that we should share with you the details of the program in an effort to prevent monofilament line from becoming the next invasive in your community.

We both consider this Conservation Project appropriate for Scouts at all levels, and can be easily matched with their age and skill set.  For a complete click MONOFILAMENT Collection Tube Design_Ver 4.1_2016_TEXAS.PDF

The project provides an excellent opportunity for youth leadership development, offering many challenges and will provide lasting impact in the community.  The shared vision includes; Venturers leading Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts leading Cub Scouts.

The project also provides an excellent opportunity for the Scouts to build awareness of environment issues associated with Fishing, showcase youth Conservation Stewardship efforts, and demonstrate to the community that Scouts are answering the call to service. 

This conservation project maybe a perfect project for a Scout that;

  • is working on MB requirements for Fish and Wildlife Mgmt. or others
  • is a Life Scout searching for meaninful, high impact Eagle Scout Project
  • is a Venturer working on the Ranger Award
  • an Order of the Arrow Lodge Service Chairman searching for a Winter Service Project Idea

Think of the all the positive outcomes that become available if the Scouts built one of these and placed on the shores of your;

  •  Council Properties
  •  Community Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams
  •  Bait and Tackle Store Fronts

Can we make a difference?  #DARETODO  

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Phone: 314-477-8120

E-Mail: Michael Brand

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