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TFO Scout Series Instructor Kits - Warranty and Repair Information

24-Aug-2016 8:19 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

Not sure if you knew that the TFO Scout Series Instructor Kits Scout Rod Flier Version 2 (1).pdf also included the added benefit of a TFO No-Fault Warranty in the U.S.  

If your TFO Rods are broken / damaged please visit TFO Warranty and Repair Information

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To use the TFO No-Fault Warranty in the U.S., simply send the entire rod to TFO address in Dallas, TX.  You must send in the entire rod as TFO does not sell individual sections.  Once it arrives, TFO will re-fit a new section to the rod and inspect the remainder for any additional damage or wear.

TFO recommends using a carrier that provides tracking information in case of a problem. Make sure to include a note with your return shipping / contact information and a check for $30 (per rod). Failure to include the proper return shipping information may result in additional fees. 

The repaired rod will be shipped back to you within a few days of receipt. Blanks sections (as appropriate) will be replaced and returned with related hardware and finishings from broken sections. 

This warranty is limited to the blank on custom TFO rods and does not cover flagrant abuse of the product. International warranties have different requirements. 

Please contact TFO   Kim Penick for more details on this great program offering.

*It is not advised to send personal rod tubes, rod/reel carriers or any other perosnal items with your rod. TFO is not liable for the safe return of those items. Please ship your rods in a standard cardboard tube/triangular box availible from UPS, USPS, FEDEX, etc.



  • 13-Sep-2016 3:29 PM | Timothy Vogel
    Presenting a great fishing program is only made easier, when using quality gear.
    Love the rods. I showed them off at our fishing committee meeting last month. One word describes the TFO rods and reels. "Quality" Everyone gave a big Thumbs up! We plan on having a busy fishing program and our dozen Scout flyrods will be used often.

    Tight lines
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