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BSA Fishing Task Force Members Elected to Board of Directors of the Aquatic Resources Education Association

19-Oct-2016 7:31 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

I just received word that that Bill Pepito and Michael Brand, both members of the BSA Fishing Task Force, and BSA Certified Angling Instructors have been recently elected to the 2016-2018 Board of Directors of the Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA).

AREA is a unique national not-for-profit association dedicated to furthering aquatic education. The mission of AREA is dedicated to promoting, through sound educational practices, stewardship and responsible use of aquatic resources, fisheries and habitats to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations.

Bill and Michael will be serving as Regional Coordinators for AREA.

 Southeast - Bill Pepito (FL)

 North Central - Michael Brand (MO)

In their roles, they will have direct access to national, regional, and local levels of support and expertise. They will be provided opportunities to participate in conferences and seminars and enjoy daily dialogue with aquatic scientists and leaders from all walks of life.

Please join me in congratulating Bill and Michael on their selection and wish them well as they continue to Deliver the Promise!

Warmest Regards,


C. Ben Jelsema

BSA National Outdoor Programs Committee

Chairman, BSA National Fishing Committee

Group Lead, Merit Badge Maintenance Task Force ben@jelsema.cc (407) 491-2906

(407) 491-2906

For additional information on AREA please see comments below.

AREA was established in direct response to a growing national need for a cohesive voice and a more fluid organized approach to the matters of regional, state, and local levels of aquatic concerns. 

The incorporation in 1994 of AREA launched an unprecedented national effort to join the forces of all levels of experts, scientists, technicians, aquatic professionals, and organizations dedicated to aquatics, toward responsible, viable aquatic management. 

Over the years, the voice of AREA has impacted the Federal, state, and local communities giving broad-scope stability, targeted growth, and offering direction to officials and organizations facing the challenges of meeting aquatic goals.

AREA Members include, for example,

  • State aquatic education program directors, managers, and aquatic program coordinators;
  • Representatives of game, fish, and wildlife departments and  organizations;
  • Environmental protection and conservation officials;
  • Aquatic resources and sport fishing educators;
  • Natural resources, parks, and youth program leaders;
  • Watershed education and habitat restoration professionals; 
  • Federal, state, and local officials; and,
  • Related organizations, groups, and private industry

AREA members also share professional experience; share a positive reputation with legislators and local groups alike; and members are able to get in on the ground floor of legislation, current developments, technical and research projects, and access vast amounts of information.

For additional information please visit http://areanet.org/

Address: 8 Forest Oak Ct, St. Louis, Missouri 63026

Phone: 314-477-8120

E-Mail: Michael Brand

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