Tenkara Fly Fishing

23-May-2017 11:18 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

Tenkara is a Japanese method of fly fishing, which uses only a rod, line and a fly. 

Tenkara is the simplest method of fly fishing in the world. Tenkara has become very popular in the United States and is a good method to use in the Southern Appalachian mountains. It is perfect for children, older beginners to the sport and seasoned fly fishing veterans.

Tenkara is also a very effected fly fishing method, for trout, panfish or bass. Tenkara is intuitive. The method breaks down the learning curve to a few steps, which are very important steps for catching fish on a fly.

The compact size of the collapsed rod, is perfect for anglers who hike or backpack into remote areas. If you break a section of your rod, you can replace the broken piece yourself. Simply order the broken part from Tenkara USA and pay a low shipping and handling fee.

Tenkara is relatively inexpensive. You just need a rod, a short fly line, flies, tippet material, nippers and forceps.

Watch the video below, an introduction to Tenkara, produced by Tenkara USA. 




  • 23-May-2017 11:47 AM | Jeffrey Simkins
    I watched that video and more.... I like that simplistic set up... I'm considering finding a tenkara setup for Northern Tier next month!
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  • 23-May-2017 2:19 PM | WILLIAM ELY
    I love this style of fish. Have been fishing this style for years. Great for fishing here in the south.
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  • 29-Sep-2017 2:14 PM | Stan Wright
    I've found Tenkara rods to be a good way to start teaching basic fly casting to the young scouts. (and adults) LOL. After they've mastered casting the tenkara rod, we move to the "western style" fly rods.
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