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30-Apr-2018 2:00 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

A Facebook Group has been recently developed to increase fishing and fishing conservation discsusion in the Boy Scouts of America community.  You are encouraged to post questions about fishing, pictures of your fish and unit, district news having to do with fishing and fishing conservation.   This group is for youth and adults to enjoy.   To access click here: Scout'n Fish 

We continue to maintain the Certified Angling Instructor Facebook Group supported by the BSA National Fishing Task Force.  This Group is designed to communicate with those youth and adultes that have completed the certification and seek further knowledge and opportunity to be part of a National fishing community. to access click here:  CAI Certified Angling Instructor 

BSA Certified Angling Instructors and BSA Angling Educators are true Conservationists.  We encourage you to learn more about the The Hornaday Awards Programs.  The month of May and June in Scouting Magazine will cover the Award on pages 26 - 29 of the issue.  To access the Article  click here "The Earth Thanks You"  .   

Please share the above information with your Contacts and on social media.

We appreciate your help, as together we promote the love of the outdoors, the sport of Fishing, and its postive impact on the Scouts we serve!  FISH ON!  

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